This is an early draft of how soul crystals and jobs might work. This material is probably subject to change.

Soul crystals are small, aetherically-charged crystals carried by character in a way that harmonizes body and soul, and brings the wisdom and power of past wielders of the crystal. When someone with the Soul Crystal Attunement talent holds a soul crystal for a Job they’ve unlocked (e.g. Paladin), they gain the benefits of the talent.


Battlefield archers and entertainers who use the magic of song to inspire allies and demoralize enemies. Bards wield bows and carry musical instruments.

Career Skills: Charm, Martial Aether

Black Mage

Users of the forbidden destructive magic of Mhach. Black Mages wield rods and wear cloth armor.

Career Skills: Deception, Perception

Magical Implement: Rod


Elite soldiers of Ishgard who wield dragons’ own power against them, making high jumps and diving spear attacks. Dragoons wield polearms and wear heavy armor.

Career skills: Coordination, Martial Aether


Followers of Rhalgar, unarmed protectors of Ala Mhigo. They practice opening their chakras and tapping the inner energy flow. Monks wield brawling aids and wear light armor.

Career skills: Martial Aether, Perception


A shadow warrior from the East, who uses stealth, misdirection, and a strange magical discipline to carry out missions. Ninja wield paired knives and other small, concealable weapons.

Career skills: Arcane Aether, Ranged


A holy warrior serving as the protector of the Sultana of Ul’dah. Paladins wield sword and shield, and wear heavy armor.

Career skills: Cool, Martial Aether


Combat medics using arcane magic inherited from the Royal Marines of ancient Nym. They conjure fairies from aether to aid in their healing. Scholars carry their grimoires into battle, and wear cloth armor.

Career skills: Discipline, Vigilance

Magical Implement: Codex


Masters of summoning magic, who conjure smaller versions of Primal spirits to fight beside them. Summoners carry their grimoires into battle, and wear cloth armor.

Career skills: Charm, Discipline

Magical Implement: Grimoire


A ferocious fighter who harnesses the rage of their “inner beast” to bring enemies low. Warriors wield two-handed axes, and wear heavy armor.

Career skills: Discipline, Martial Aether

White Mage

Wielders of potent healing magic inherited from the Fifth Astral Era and allies of the unaging Padjal, defenders of life. White Mages wield canes or wands as magical implements, and wear cloth armor.

Career skills: Discipline, Vigilance

Magical implement: Wand or Cane