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"He’s waiting for me every year, along with all my younger selves..."

To my dearest Tomas,

I have been your older brother these ten years of your life. I have always tried to show you the importance of honor, duty, and ideals. We are a noble family. Our father is a prosperous lord. A heavy weight rests on our shoulders. That weight now forces me to tell you certain things, and ask your forgiveness for others. I will not be returning home. I wish for you to understand why.

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Forgive me, Father. This is my first confession with you. It will not be my last.

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“The graves of the world are packed with the silently screaming dead.”

That is what the Master told those who served him. He paid us well, and his kindness earned him our loyalty. But such pronouncements from a man prone to peculiar beliefs and unwholesome thoughts made us shudder.

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“Vice is the spice of life, reverend,” said Sutherland, smiling around his cigar like a Cheshire cat. The black-clad minister sighed and slid a weathered pamphlet across the table, and Sutherland toyed with it for a few moments.

“Sometimes bland is better. I’m trying to save you, young man,” the minister explained wearily. His wrinkled hands shook from the effort of bringing a glass of water to his parched lips; Sutherland’s alcohol stayed in its crystal decanter, waiting to slip into the master’s good graces when the cigar lost his favor.

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Every year, I travel back in time to that day. My younger self, and my husband, are waiting for me. I get the tears out of the way first. I brush my hair, put on make-up, dress up, try to be presentable. Every year I’m a little older, so every year I try to look a little nicer.

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Lucky’s been directing movies for 30 years. I’ve been acting in them for eight. So when Lucky asks me to try something new for the fifth David Dark movie, I go along with it.

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