Forgive me, Father. This is my first confession with you. It will not be my last.

My name’s Macdonald, Charlie Macdonald. I am - or was - the general manager of Highlander Construction. You’ve seen our signs if you’ve been downtown in the last year. I take pride in the quality of our work. Employers expect, and pay for, the reliability of our product. Our unofficial motto is “our buildings will outlast your company”.

“Vice is the spice of life, reverend,” said Sutherland, smiling around his cigar like a Cheshire cat. The black-clad minister sighed and slid a weathered pamphlet across the table, and Sutherland toyed with it for a few moments.

They say that the soul chooses its own destination after death - if you feel you belong in Heaven, then that’s where you go. If you condemn yourself to Hell, your mind makes it real. I hate to imagine that it’s true. Too many mass murderers have been convinced they were doing God’s work, and too many people have struggled with crippling neuroses and taken a suicide attempt to a successful conclusion.