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The King family has been in the adventuring business for generations, but Jack King was the first to imbue himself with powers via chemistry. Now, he fights a mortal enemy in the form of Rex Talionis, genius supervillain. From his science base, the Kingdom, located in Halcyon City, Jack disappears for months at a time, while Rex unleashes minions and hired goons to disrupt civilization from his secret volcanic lair, the Throne.

However, Jack and Rex used to be the same person. Jack performed a “gene separation” via magically-augmented chemistry, with his family’s long-time ally Cyrus the sorcerer. The result was two people, one good, one evil.

Now Jack has disappeared. The rest of the King family, including siblings, uncles, and Jack’s wife Alisha (the superheroine Moonglow), have to stop Rex Talionis’s current master plan. And they’ve assembled a team…

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Suggestions on creating more challenging encounters in “Masks: a New Generation”

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I had a simple idea: you can get plenty of interesting drama from two characters in a game if they’ve already had a romantic relationship, and sometimes more, than if they’re going to have one.

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