I’d written about the Monday Masks game ending earlier. Tonight, we saw the penultimate episode. And I’m pretty happy about how things are wrapping up. Why is that?

The game I’ve been playing for over a year, colloquially known as “Monday Masks”, is coming to an end. I don’t know if it’ll be in two sessions or twenty. So what should I make of all this?

Day 30: Share something you learned about playing your character

I’ve usually got only a few paragraphs in response to these, but this one is long. Apologies in advance.

The character I’m playing right now in Masks is the teen superhero “Radiance”, aka Summer Skye Newman. For those not familiar with her backstory, buckle up, because it’s the result of 50 sessions of play and about as much side-story on our forums.

Day 27: Share a great stream/actual play

Well, you knew this was coming.

The GM of the Monday Masks game, Doyce Testerman, has put a lot of work into reformatting the game as a podcast, in addition to the original YouTube videos of the sessions. While the YouTube videos come with maps, goofy memes, and other visual accompaniment, the podcast is cleaned up, sped up, and diced into neat segments under an hour each.

If you want to jump into the issues list and pick a specific one to listen to based on what happens, here’s an index to everything: http://wiki.menagerie.team/Category:Issues (click on a specific issue to find a brief recap of major events, or ask me to put together a master page that does it)

Day 15: Describe a tricky RPG experience that you enjoyed

Yeah, it’s Masks again! It’s been interesting to play a game about teenage superheroes when one of the players is an actual teenager, and the rest aren’t. He’s been on board with the life-drama shenanigans that Masks naturally gets your PCs into. But it’s always tempting for the adults in the group to think “are we actually playing kid characters ‘properly’?”

I have a much longer, much more complex opinion on the general topic of playing characters who aren’t “like you”, and I spent time last night taking a shot at writing that, but I just don’t have time to articulate it in the scope of a post-a-day community challenge.

Day 14: Describe a failure that became amazing

I’m going to go back to Masks, yet again, because of how dramatic it was.

Day 11: Wildest Character Name

I don’t go in for “wild” or crazy character names. I prefer characters who are more grounded in the human experience, who aren’t just muppets I’m hauling around a fantasy landscape for my own perverse joy.

That said, I’ve put plenty of time into creating significant character names, so here’s a couple of those?

Day 9: How has a game surprised you?

Since “game” is vague (which is helpful to the overall question), I’ll talk about a surprising game system, and a surprising campaign.

Day 4: Most Memorable NPC?

I’ve played in plenty of games, and plenty of NPCs have stayed with me. I’ll list the one that’s stuck with me because of their evolution, and because of how close their story was to my PC(s).

Some key technology concepts for Link.