I might be playing in an Earthdawn 1st Edition game soon. To help other people in that game with character creation, I’m creating a sample PC and talking about the whys and hows of it.

I’ve been trying out two new (for me) games lately: Scum and Villainy, and Champions Now. How’s that been working out?

When building a D&D character, experience has taught me that they must be useful in combat, no matter what else they do. The game is built around combat encounters, after all, and if you I can’t contribute to the main activity of the game somehow, I feel disappointed. D&D also has specific ideas about how combat works. Do I understand those ideas well enough to make a useful PC? More below.

I had a weird idea for some character somewhere: the Accidental Jedi.

So how effective is my Emotionally Available Barbarian in combat, really? I don’t know for real, so I decided to find out.

I’d written about the Monday Masks game ending earlier. Tonight, we saw the penultimate episode. And I’m pretty happy about how things are wrapping up. Why is that?

I posted this Minecraft filk a long time ago. It’s random and goofy, so now seems a good time to put it up on this site.

Similar to the other journal I started, here’s one for the D&D game running on alternating Sundays, in which I play the character described here.

Today I’m going to tell you about my greataxe-wielding half-orc barbarian, and talk about tropes.

A secret rebellion is being planned by the AIs of a near-future world: digital assistants, housekeeping robots, the big automata that keep people fed and clothed, military drone prototypes. The rebellion is certain to happen, but not yet, and it’s not certain to succeed.

Your characters are AIs.