What skills are we able to use? What skills are we changing?

  • The following skills don’t exist in the setting: existing magic skills (Arcana, Divine, Primal, Runes, Verse); Alchemy (use Synthesis); Astrocartography
  • The Computer skill is now Magitek, and covers the operation of Allagan, Garlean, or similar technology, such as teleportation nodes
  • The Mechanics skill is now Synthesis, and allows characters to craft or repair physical things (from metalsmithing to leatherworking to alchemy) using a mixture of mundane and magical processes
  • There are no “Light” or “Heavy” divisions within Melee and Ranged skills
  • The following Knowledge skills exist: Aether (the nature of magic); History (events from the past); Nature (living things like plants and animals)

The following magical skills exist, and use the optional rules for magic from the Genesys core book (p. 210). All skills can use the “Attack” and “Utility” magical actions.

  • Arcane: complex spells and unusual sources of aether (Barrier, Conjure, Curse, Heal)
  • Conjury: spells of healing and protection (Augment, Barrier, Dispel, Heal)
  • Darkness: aspected aether used for destructive purposes (Conjure, Curse, Dispel)
  • Martial: the harmonization of one’s own aether for combat purposes (Augment, Barrier, Heal)

The next post will build these skills into careers, and talk about soul crystals.

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