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Zarkhaen is a harsh and unforgiving wasteland, even for those native to the world. It is covered by volcanoes, lava flows, jagged caverns, obsidian, and other hostile features. The world’s theme is “the hell of fire and darkness”.

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Meanarin is covered in a mysterious mist which creates phantasms according to the wills of those within it. It is a world of dreams, illusions, nightmares, and utopias. The world’s theme is “the lands of faerie”.

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Averdam is a pastoral world with green life, blue water, white clouds, and more. It has the atmosphere of a high fantasy setting - medieval technology, magic, heroes and monsters, and more. The world’s theme is “elements in balance”.

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Framartes is a world of secrets. On the surface, it seems to be dominated by dry, sandy deserts and the ruined grandeur of past civilizations. But beneath that are underwater canals, caverns, and fungal gardens. Life is constant hardship and conflict, but those who dare to dream can find those dreams rewarded. The world’s theme is “the echoes of glory”.

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