Zarkhaen is a harsh and unforgiving wasteland, even for those native to the world. It is covered by volcanoes, lava flows, jagged caverns, obsidian, and other hostile features. The world’s theme is “the hell of fire and darkness”.

The majority of the world’s population are the Soldiers of the Eclipse, also known as “demons” on other planets. Despite the name, the Soldiers were and are people. They were transformed into immortal abominations designed to fight in the Ancients’ war. They were exiled to Zarkhaen after the war, rather than transformed back. Since that time, they have found themselves summoned to other worlds by magicians.

The Soldiers are not motivated by malice or greed, but by desperation. Offered a chance to spend time on any world that isn’t literally hell, they will gladly accept. Their soldier’s conditioning to follow orders, still with them, obliges them to obey the letter of any contracts made with them.

They will bargain with mortals for their souls - but not out of malice or desperation. Claiming a mortal soul allows them to experience a relatively joyful, carefree life. They will offer many things in return for moments of succor such as this.

A mystical barrier surrounds the planet, making it impossible for the Soldiers to leave via conventional means. The barrier can be surmounted by celestial intervention or certain occult methods.