Framartes is a world of secrets. On the surface, it seems to be dominated by dry, sandy deserts and the ruined grandeur of past civilizations. But beneath that are underwater canals, caverns, and fungal gardens. Life is constant hardship and conflict, but those who dare to dream can find those dreams rewarded. The world’s theme is “the echoes of glory”.

The world’s nature is that of a crucible for destiny. Those with ambition are granted positive fates - unless they should push their luck too far, and suffer a downfall as spectacular as their ascent.

Life on Framartes is often difficult. The inhabitants are frequently skilled hunters and trappers. Some comb through the sands for the fruits of the hardy plant life that grows even in deserts. Others harvest the fungal forests, or raise herds of the stubborn and resilient animal breeds. But those who dare to dream bigger are rewarded - at least at first - and the hidden treasures of the planet will support their ambition.

The result is that Framartes’ history is full of with warlords, religious leaders, crusading reformers, and other larger-than-life figures. Its civilizations reached for the stars, but often fell from the lofty heights to which they aspired. Walking the increasingly narrow path of destiny is fraught with danger for the unwise, but it is the only way to surmount the harsh life of the meek.