The Rocket Rangers were, of course, super duper top secret.

A Golden Age hero with a jetpack. This version of the character is from a Golden Age game, but there’s a modern-era Innocent version of the same concept.


When did you first put on the mask? Why?

Vic’s big brother Andrew Davis “Andy” Venture was a member of the elite Rocket Rangers. Andy’s “Icarus Potential” gene gave him heightened abilities and a three-dimensional orienteering sense. When Andy came home from the war, he hung up his jet pack and Z-Gun to become a shoe salesman, and married his high school sweetheart and singer Dinah Holiday.

Vic had been a “scrapper” during the war, collecting recyclables and salvaging discarded materials for the war effort. In that time, he’d seen the crime on the streets of Halcyon. The war might have ended, but crime hadn’t. What was Andy doing, just giving up? Vic took his jet pack in secret, strapped it on, and adopted the nickname “Spitfire”. Sure, he might not have the training. But he has the Icarus gene too, and the determination to save people!

Why do you keep a secret identity?

The Rocket Rangers were, of course, super duper top secret. Andy can’t talk about it (except with a few war buddies that come to visit him now and again). Plus, Andy would be upset if he knew Vic was using the jet pack. That’s why it’s extra important that it doesn’t come out. He’d be compromising a United States military secret. But more importantly, he’d be letting Andy down.

Of course, his big brother’s smart. That’s why Vic built a fake jet pack out of scrap he’d collected, and left it where he’d taken the original pack. As long as Andy doesn’t try to fly, he’ll never know!

Who, outside of the team, knows about your dual identity?

Doctor Daedalus, the discoverer of the Icarus Potential, and inventor of the jet pack and Z-Gun. When Vic flew out to Zeppelin Zero, the former base of the Rocket Rangers, the good Doctor was still there.

He taught Vic how the Z-Gun can absorb energy, which is fed into the jet pack to generate thrust. Vic still isn’t sure why the Doctor hasn’t told anyone. Or maybe he has? Either way, he’s been supportive.

Who thinks the worst of your masked identity?

Aldous Ashton, a writer and journalist, who condemned the role of superheroes in the War. His firebrand columns denounce the Rocket Rangers, including Spitfire, calling for civilian law enforcement and peacekeeping efforts to take over. Ashton knows Mr. Venture (Vic’s father) socially, and has visited their house on occasion, but Vic doesn’t know how they’re connected.

Why do you care about the team?

Well, all these people seem to have something to do with the war, somehow or other. Maybe they can give me some pointers on how to go about doing this hero thing!

The Janus

Hero Name: Spitfire
Real Name: Victor “Vic” Venture
Look: man, White, boring clothing, iconic costume, helmet
Abilities: Heightened physical abilities (the “Icarus Potential”), plus impossible mobility (jet pack, plus an excellent 3D spatial sense) and energy absorption (the “Z-Gun”)

Labels: Danger +1, Freak -1, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane +3

When our team first came together: We saved the life of someone important, either to the city or to us. Who was it? Why are they important?



  • TBD knew you from your civilian life first.
  • You refused to tell TBD your secret identity when they asked.


  • Spitfire is awesome, and Glass takes every chance she gets to hang out with him.

Influence: You look up to your teammates; they seem to have this superhero thing figured out. Give two of them Influence over you


Janus Moves

  • The Mask (embodies Savior): “My brother wouldn’t want me using this, but he isn’t, so…!”
  • Game Face: “Z-Gun, charged. Jet pack, full throttle!”
  • Mild-Mannered: “Golly gee, Mister, I’m just a kid!”

Secret Identity


  • Job (flower delivery - he loves moving fast, and this is a great way to make people feel better too!)
  • School (track team - he’s always been good at running)
  • Social (his brother Andy needs Vic’s help around the house and at his job, of course)

GM Summary

  • Vic Venture, delivery boy and kid brother to a war hero
  • Based on The Rocketeer, complete with jet pack and energy-draining ray gun
  • NPCs:
    • Andrew Davis Venture (big brother, retired Rocket Ranger, inspired by the original Rocketeer Cliff Secord)
    • Dinah Holiday Venture (Andy’s wife, jazz singer, inspired by Billie Holiday & Dinah Washington)
    • Doctor Daedalus (friendly scientist, inventor of the Ranger tech)
    • Aldous Ashton (writer, journalist, opposes superheroes for war purposes, inspired by Aldous Huxley and other anti-war writers, writes for the Patriot’s Paragon)
    • Charles and Clara Venture (father and mother, businessman and housewife)
    • Mr. Lancaster (owner of flower ship where Vic works)
  • Places:
    • Zeppelin Zero (a dirigible, once the Rangers’ base, now crashed and wedged between two canyon walls)
    • Lancaster Flower Shop (where Vic works)
  • What does Vic care about?
    • idolizing his big brother
    • standing up for his friends and those in need
    • keeping his word, obeying authority, but doing what’s right first and foremost
    • being a clean cut All American boy
  • Where does it all go wrong?
    • Andy finds out
    • Another Ranger (or another WW2 hero who worked with the Rangers) shows up
    • An old enemy of the Rangers attacks Spitfire
    • Vic briefly loses access to the jet pack
    • Someone in authority orders Spitfire to stand down or deliver the rocket pack
    • What if Andy or the Rangers did something dark?
    • What if Ashton is more than he seems? What if he’s got a point?
  • Where do lives cross over?
    • Aldous Ashton shows up at Mr. Venture’s house on regular social calls
    • Andy knows everything about Rangers & their tech
    • Vic delivers flowers to someone in the hero community


Series Reboot

Advancement Options

  • Take another move from your playbook: I’ll save you!
  • Take another move from your playbook: Dangerous web
  • Take a move from another playbook: There when it matters or Fight the good fight
  • Unlock your moment of truth