I could tell the truth, but here’s an obvious lie instead.

A cheerful not-so-ex villain. He’s doing his best, but he’s still troublingly violent at times…


Who mentored you in supervillainy?

“Oh! Well that would be Lifehack! She is a pretty bad person all around, I think, but she was pretty good at being a villain. Her power is body manipulation. She can heal, hurt, reshape, do all kinds of fancy things! Like how I can twist iron, she can twist flesh.”

“For example, she peeled me open and stuck metal implants in several of my joints, so I could use my powers to move my own body. That was pretty painful. Like, really painful. But hey! She could do it!”

Who first showed you that you could do good?

“There was a student at the school here. Everywhere Kevin, who has duplication powers. Everyone likes him, not much of a fighter, but easily makes friends with folks.”

What was your goal as a villain?

“I didn’t really have a goal. You see, Lifehack was kind of like a Fagin for kids with powers. If you don’t know Fagin, think of him like a pimp, but for thieves. If you don’t know what a pimp is, well, I’m fifteen and not supposed to know that yet! So you could say that my goal was to avoid being punished for not performing. And that meant doing whatever crimes I could think of.”

“She didn’t tell us what to do. She just told us where the money was, or might be. She made us study. And then we’d come up with a plan, and go out and do it!”

What caused you to switch sides?

“I don’t know. Well that’s not true, but I lie all the time, so that’s okay. If I had to tell the truth, I would say that it was just thinking about how the heroes actually worked. Who was bossing them? Nobody. Who would punish them if they failed to perform? Nobody. Well… that sounded like… it was kind of fun. I mean, when I’m doing things I like, it’s because it’s fun, not because I’m told to. So… I thought maybe, being a hero would feel good.”

“I really hope it starts, soon.”

Why do you care about the team?

“I could tell the truth, but here’s an obvious lie instead. It’s because I enjoy being around these other kids and fooling around and doing dumb things with them. And that’s it. That’s really it. That’s the sole reason, yep yep.”

The Reformed

Hero Name: Rivet
Real Name: Jun Kasui
Look: man, Asian, gorgeous eyes, school uniform, tattered costume
Abilities: Ferrokinesis: can manipulate and shape metals. Surgically provided with metal implants in the joints.

Labels: Danger +3, Freak +1, Savior +0, Superior +1, Mundane -2

When our team first came together: We fought a terrible enemy from my old life. Who was it and what did they take from me? My “brother” from the old gang, named Sebastian


  • I’ve earned the trust of TBD, and I follow their example of what a hero should be
  • I did something terrible to TBD once. I hope they can forgive me one day

Influence: Answer

Reformed Moves

Dark Past (Rivet has no problem talking about his backstory)

Wrong side of the tracks (Rivet also likes asking troubling questions)

Reformed Obligations

  • Tegan Queen, materials. Obligations: 0
  • Finch, insider info. Obligations: 1
  • The Mad Magpie, alien/faerie tech. Obligations: 2