I love the world of Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve been playing it for years, and for all that time, the story has continued to be interesting, with twists and turns and shocks and surprises, but always rooted in an essential humanity and goodness. Even the latest expansion, “Shadowbringers”, casts you as the Warrior of Darkness - but Dark is not Evil.

How best to bring this to the gaming table? I’ve talked about the Genesys system before, and I feel like its mixture of mechanical and narrative systems is a good mix for FFXIV. I don’t want something tied to the Dungeons & Dragons universe, and I don’t want to create something too far gone or too unique for gamers.

So I’m going to start writing “Quarto Decimo Novum”, an adaption of the FFXIV universe for Genesys. This is a fan-produced project only, and will not be sold or marketed in any way. I think both Fantasy Flight Games and Square Enix have produced great products, and if you feel the need to spend money, spend it with them.

So what will be included?

  • New Archetypes: the core races (Elezen, Hyur, Lalafell, Miqo’te, Roegadyn) with others (Au Ra, Viera, Hrothgar) on the way
  • New Careers: the core Classes and Jobs of the game (Paladin, Black Mage, etc.) and the skills they use
  • New Talents: some of the iconic abilities of the game in talent form
  • Stats for the iconic weapons of each job
  • Stats for adversaries (including hostile members of the Beast Tribes, the Garlean Empire, and some unique monsters)
  • Tips on running a game in the setting

Some familiarity with FFXIV is expected to get the full benefit, and I do not plan on reprinting any copyrighted text that explains the game better.

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