A battlemap of a forest path
A battlemap of a forest path
A battlemap of a forest path


  • In the middle of a forest, a dried-up creek has formed a pathway
  • A fallen log rests over part of the path

Possible Objectives

  • Locate an item lost in the forest
  • Dig up an item buried somewhere off the path

Possible Enemies

  • Forest sprites or elementals
  • Goblin bandits


  • The map is divided into three parts: the left bank, the right bank, and the center path
  • The two banks are accessible via ramps, but there’s one fewer ramp on one side
  • The banks are otherwise too far apart to leap over the gap
  • The fallen log connects both banks, but it’s a chokepoint
  • The more accessible bank has several elevated points


  • The flowing water tiles are Charged
  • The fallen log tiles Obscuring

Map download: ForestPath.blend

Texture credit: Pixel Textures Pack by FlakDeau