The galidrie (singular galider) are only superficially related to Elf-kin. They have lithe builds, graceful movement, and long lives. Their skin is bone-white and the fibers that make up their “hair” tend to be long and straight. But the resemblance stops there, for they are more like animated mushroom-folk than flesh-and-blood aeshee or savards.

The most common source of galadrie are when a humanoid corpse becomes infected by a particular breed of magia-infused mushroom spore. The fungus consumes the body and imitates its general outline. By consuming the magia lingering within it, the new mycelial shell becomes an independent, intelligent being.

Some people think that galidrie are somehow reincarnations or resurrections of their originating corpse, but most galiders don’t believe this. Those who do have experienced tragedy, horror, and heartbreak when meeting with the friends or loved ones of the corpse from which they sprang. But sometimes - just sometimes, mind you - it has been known to end well.

Galidrie also draw from the magia of their surroundings during their “birth”, and may display environmentally sensitive traits the way aeshee are known to.

Galidrie have no particular shared culture or heritage to call their own. Instead, they take up the trappings left behind by the corpse that btirthed them, perhaps adopting them as their own, perhaps rejecting them in favor of a brand new identity.

Galidrie Traits

  • Amorphous - You gain +4 PDEF. Once per session, restore 1 extra HP when you regain any (through Heal effects, Camping, rest, etc.).
  • Benevolent Contagion - Effects targeting allies gain the Sacrifice(2) tag. Paying the Sacrifice Heals one targeted ally for half the amount you sacrificed.
  • Cycle of Decay - You gain advantage on Survive and Restore checks wherever there is organic matter to absorb.
  • Disconcerting Gracefulness - You gain advantage on Finesse and Perform checks, but failure results in revulsion from any non-galidrie watching.