Apparently there’s other things to do than fighting. Sounds like nonsense, but worth investigating.

High concept: “human Godzilla”

Example moments:

  • Someone gives Erik shit during a team meeting. Erik stands up, breaks the table, and clearly looks ready to square up.
  • Attacks from the air. Erik opens his jaw and unleashes a blazing hot mega-beam!
  • A tough melee attacker gets near. Erik grabs them by the face and slams them skull-first into the ground, breaking it (for any value of “it”).
  • There’s an inconvenient wall, and there might be a door somewhere around. Erik goes through the wall because he doesn’t have time for that shit.
  • The team is eating pizza. Erik will wolf it down, and go back for more. Having a half-dragon metabolism will do that to you.


Who changed you?

Twenty years ago, heroes in Europe defeated a vast draconic monster called Titalion. A secret organization took samples, and realized that giant-monster DNA could be fused with human genetics, then started looking for candidates.

How did you escape from them?

An independent adult hero raided the organization and discovered what was going on, and helped him escape.

Who, outside the team, tries to take care of you now?

Erik stays at a shelter or encampment, protecting people there in exchange for some kind of companionship.

Why do you try to be a hero?

He wants to meet some of the other children from the program, and fight them. Honestly, fighting other strong opponents would be good too.

Why do you care about the team?

Apparently there’s other things to do than fighting. Sounds like nonsense, but worth investigating.

The Bull

Hero Name: Reckoner
Real Name: Erik Drake
Look: man, mixed-race (Swiss, German, Thai), calloused hands, ragged clothing, simple costume (skintight leather, crafted from Titalion’s hide, covered by a long black coat)
Abilities: superhumanly tough, incredibly strong, slow regeneration, mega-beam breath weapon, predator’s instinct

Labels: Danger +0, Freak +0, Savior +0, Superior +0, Mundane +0

When our team first came together: We defeated a dangerous enemy. Who or what was it?



  • TODO is your love. You’ve opened up to them about the worst parts of your past.
  • TODO is your rival. They tried to control you at a crucial moment

Influence: You’re selective about who you let in. Give your love and rival Influence over you, but that’s it.

Bull Moves

You’ve got a head you don’t need (get out of my way or I will crush you)

Thick and thin skinned (“don’t shoot him, that’ll only make him mad”)

The Bull’s Heart

Chosen role: Defender