The audience loves me because I’m just like them; I’m a dangerous person, a bad seed.

A particularly bright henchman of a particularly dim inventor, who’s making a name clowning on his former criminal comrades.


When did you first appear onscreen?

Well, I was from what you’d call “the bad part of town”, if you already lived in a bad part of town. You know? Opportunities were limited. Some of us got recruited by this dude named Dr. Herkimer. He was a small-time inventor. Really amazing gadgets, including this thing called the “Arachno-suit” that gave you spider-type powers! Webs, wall-crawling, the works!

Thing is, he didn’t have a clue how to recruit henchmen to further his schemes, so he wound up with the laziest, greediest, and dimmest bunch of goons ever. And me!

Plus, he’s terrible at applying his inventions to practical use. So the whole outfit is just kind of a clown show from top to bottom.

What do you tell people about how you got your powers?

Well, I tell them I stole the suit from the Herkimer Gang and have been fighting the good fight, of course! That’s not true, I’m just able to use the suit at more than like 5% of its capacity, unlike those fools.

Who, outside of the team, supports your burgeoning star in every way possible?

Well they love me back in the neighborhood! Word’s spreading to more distinguished zones of our fair city, I’m proud to say. But anyone who’s been approached to take part in a shady deal? I make sure that not only do those villains get their comeuppance, but that needy people get paid from the stolen proceeds. All of which are insured by the FDIC, I’m told.

Who, outside of the team, loathes what you represent?

Well the cops hate me, because some detective figured out I’d actually been part of the gang for a bit, but they keep their mouth shut because they were sitting on us instead of actually, y’know, doing something about the problem! So I just get static whenever the cops show up, no big deal, price of fame and all.

Why do you care about the team?

Well it’s a nice change, this whole “being legit” thing, hanging out with heroes who didn’t make the HCPD’s shit list. I mean, they don’t know what life is like either, but at least it’s refreshing to hear how optimistic they are about the system.

The Star

Hero Name: iSpider
Real Name: Craig Gardener
Look: man, White, warm smile, casual clothing, flashy costume
Abilities: body plasticity and stretching (agility and webbing provided by a super-suit)

Labels: Danger +0, Freak +1, Savior +1, Superior +2, Mundane -1

When our team first came together: We, as a team, attracted the attention of a major media outlet within the city, thanks to our efforts. Who are they? Why do they support us?



  • TBD might wind up being more of a star than me some day.
  • TBD would be a great sidekick; I try to keep them around

Influence: the team is something worthwhile (give three teammates Influence)

Star Moves

  • Stage-Fighting (“Can’t endanger the civilians!”)
  • Cold and Cruel (Constant quips and insults)

The Audience

The audience loves me because I’m just like them; I’m a dangerous person, a bad seed.

My advantages are that my audience is utterly devoted to me, and I can speak to them at any time.

My disadvantages are that my audience requires constant stimulation, and frequent bouts of drama.