If Jacques Rabbit ever found out it was me that took the serum, he’d come back and hurt my family!

A delivery driver who drank the wrong vial of Super-Soldier serum.


When did you first put on the mask? Why?

Jacques Rabbit, a human-animal supersoldier turned mercenary supervillain, stole my car one time! He left behind a vial of serum, mixing galago, axolotl, and wrasse DNA. I kept it from the cops, and eventually drank it, turning into a hybrid supersoldier myself!

Why take it? I guess… having my car stolen was so exciting for a few moments, and then after I had to go to the police and do all the boring stuff, it was so DULL. I wanted the excitement I felt then.

Why do you keep a secret identity?

If Jacques Rabbit ever found out it was me that took the serum, he’d come back and hurt my family! Plus, my little bro Mo gets bullied enough already.

Who, outside of the team, knows about your dual identity?

I went to the school’s chemistry teacher, Dr. Emilio Blasto, for help in controlling my transformations! I had to talk to him about the shifting, and he gave me tips on how to maintain self-control.

Who thinks the worst of your masked identity?

Aside from Jacques Rabbit, I got spotted as Gogo one time wearing a school jersey, so now the school newspaper thinks they were making fun of the school (our school animal is an Eagle) and constantly writes articles trashing me.

Why do you care about the team?

The team is a bunch of fun weirdos and I finally have somewhere I can be myself! Whoever that is…

The Janus

Hero Name: Gogo
Real Name: Robby/Robin Rhodes
Look: shifting, White, boring clothing, flashy costume, full disguise. Gogo is lanky, with long dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, in either human incarnation. Pronouns are he or she depending on form. They wear a loose-fitting orange martial arts gi as a costume.
Abilities: supernatural senses, impossible mobility. Gogo can transform into a humanoid galago form, regenerate, and also switch from male to female forms. They have amazing senses, mostly their sense of smell, and a galago’s agility, leaping, and gripping when transformed.

Labels: Danger +0, Freak +3, Savior +2, Superior +0, Mundane -2

When our team first came together: We saved the life of someone important, either to the city or to us. Who was it? Why are they important?



  • TODO knew you from your civilian life first.
  • You refused to tell TODO your secret identity when they asked.

Influence: You look up to your teammates; they seem to have this superhero thing figured out. Give two of them Influence over you

Janus Moves

Mild-mannered (Gogo has two civilian identities! It’s not easy…)

I am what you see (I need someone to listen to my woes! >_<)

The Mask

Embodies Freak


  • Job (delivery person for the gig economy)
  • School (athletic team - basketball)
  • Social (little brother, “Mo”/Mark)