All Grail Knights wield a fragment of Excalibur, the weapon of kings.

Adonis Creed, if he joined a group like the Green Lanterns, but instead of magic green rings, it’s Thor’s hammer, but a fantasy sword.


Who are you?

Armiger (“AR-ma-jer”) is a member of the Grail Knights, a world-wide organization of supernaturally empowered soldiers. All Grail Knights wield a fragment of Excalibur, the weapon of kings. These are not just physical swords, but metaphysical shadows, reflections, or echoes of a larger mystic reality. Each fragment bestows powers on its wielders, based on their relationship with the sword and what it represents.

When did you officially become a part of your legacy?

A year ago, Will Eddison was an average high school student. He had dreams and ambitions, but no path forward. While following an attractive girl home from school, and while working up the nerve to talk to her, he saw her under attack from a mysterious creature. He ran to her defense, with no plan or hope other than an instinct to help. At that moment, the sword Excalibur presented itself to him, and he took hold of it.

Since then, he learned her name - Stacy Skinner - and that her father was once a Grail Knight, and that the creature was a goetic demon sent to abduct her to get to the old man. Now, the senior knight (“Mr. Skinner to you”) is training him in swordplay and tactics, but doesn’t seem to like him. Stacy herself is helping with his physical training - exercise, cardio, and diet - and is quite critical of him. But what else does she feel? William is brave enough to face supervillains, but not quite yet brave enough to find out for sure.

What’s the greatest achievement of your legacy?

In the age of myth and magic, the Knights were largely responsible for banishing demons, dragons, and other threats to human life. The modern mundane world is their greatest achievement, and the reason they are now mostly forgotten by the mundane population.

How does the public perceive your legacy?

The Excalibur wielders have mostly faded from history. Superheroes, sorcerers, and anyone else in “the life”, will encounter them. Historians and mythicists remember them. They reappear as both heroes - the “paladins” of old - and villains - the Knights Templar of conspiracy stories. Today they fight from the shadows, to preserve the peace.

There’s a lot of overlap between modern Grail Knights and special-forces soldiers, and they tend to organize and operate along military lines.

“These days, anyone with a big sword just looks like a crazy person, so history hasn’t been kind. But you remember, at least when things get tense. You all remember.”

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero?

Armiger is the black sheep of the Grail Knights. He’s a lowly Aspirant, and he doesn’t respect how the Knights want him to operate. He buys into the mythos and pageantry and stories of honor, but he doesn’t get along with his trainer. So he’s pushing back, by being public where they are private, and by being a superhero rather than a soldier.

About Excalibur

“I’m not carrying the real Excalibur. This sword here is more like a shadow, or echo, or reflection of the true sword. We call them fragments. The sword is unbreakable and has its own magic that nobody fully understands. Generally I just try to parry or cut or stab with it, and things happen on their own. It does have one important power: ‘the sword will never leave the wielder’s hands except by their will’. Most wielders think that just means they can call it back to their hand. They can, but I can also teleport myself to the sword.”

“The sword grows heavy as stone when not wielded, and only lightens for one who’s worthy. The ‘sword in the stone’ story came from that. My sword weighs about a hundred pounds. A typical fragment is five to ten pounds. That’s why the rest of the Grail Knights think I’m unworthy - because it’s still heavy.”

“There’s two reasons I like it this way. First, getting hit with a heavy sword really freakin’ hurts.”

“The second reason is that I learned the lesson of the sword, that other Grail Knights have forgotten. The sword shouldn’t weaken itself to match the wielder. The wielder must grow to match the blade. ‘The king and the land are one’. The land isn’t subservient. The king isn’t either. They’re just united. You get it?”

  • The sword is the physical manifestation of a universal cosmic truth. It cannot be broken or taken away.
  • A worthy wielder can teleport the sword to themselves, or themselves to the sword, at will.
  • The sword is a tool of rulership. It gives a worthy wielder the power to uphold justice and fight evil.
  • The sword can bend fate or manipulate reality. The wielder must simply demonstrate the courage to face a challenge, and the sword does the rest.
  • The sword’s powers are not under the wielder’s full control, but learning more about what the sword represents will unlock new powers or more control.

The Legacy

Hero Name: Armiger
Real Name: William Eddison
Look: man, Black, comfortable clothing, unique costume (“knight hoodie”), no insignia (other than the sword)
Abilities: Grail Knight; bearer of an Excaliber fragment (“divine armor, magic weaponry, mythic might”)

Labels: Danger +0, Freak +0, Savior +2, Superior +0, Mundane +1

When our team first came together: All things considered, we did well and impressed an established hero. Who was it? Answer


  • You once got caught doing something that shames your legacy with TBD.
  • You trust TBD and told them an important secret of your legacy.

Influence: Give three teammates influence

Legacy Moves

I Know What I Am: (Will is the eternal protector)

Words of the past: (he has a contentious relationship with some of his mentors but listens to all of them)

The Grail Knights Legacy

Your legacy is an important part of Halcyon City. Name the different members of your legacy (at least two):

  • Skinner is retired and quite judgmental
  • Velasco, the Dread Moor, is the greatest opponent your legacy ever faced…and is still at large