In the spirit of Final Fantasy fusion jobs, I thought I’d try combining D&D classes.

For our purposes, “D&D classes” means the core classes from D&D 5E, as given here. We’ll be excluding content from Xanathar’s and any other expansion book.

Instead of mashing two classes together, we’ll take a class and try applying subclasses from a different classes. We’re doing this because while Final Fantasy didn’t have subclasses, D&D does, and it’s something new and different.

The Necrosurgeon (Artificer/Wizard’s School of Necromancy). You build golems, constructs, and other undead creations out of the raw material of flesh, powered by electricity, chemicals, and mechanism. Your creatures are clanking, sparking monstrosities, but they’re only as evil as you are.

The Alpha (Barbarian/Ranger’s Hunter): You track beasts through their territory, then challenge them for dominance. Once you’ve achieved mastery over an animal pack or a territory, you can speak to members of the pack, or call on them for aid.

The Mestre (Bard/Monk’s Way of the Open Hand): People everywhere must be able to defend themselves, even peasants or serfs who can’t afford weapons. You spread the teachings of a forbidden martial art, sometimes concealed as a performance or dance. Along the way, you tell tales of famous heroes of old. In battle, you inspire your allies with rhythm and feats of unarmed prowess.

The Prophet (Cleric/Wizard’s School of Divination): Rather than work miracles, you rely on your god to steer fate. You can tell what’s coming in the next day. An ally was not truly injured - it seems they only took a glancing blow. The blessings other clerics give their allies are unnecessary here. Your comrades are fated to succeed.

The Hedgeward (Druid/Warlock’s Archfey Pact): You maintain the balance between the worlds of mortals and fey. To enforce these boundaries, you’ve mastered the magic of goblin contracts and the pseudo-shapeshifting glamour of the Fair Folk.

The Devil-Touched (Fighter/Warlock’s Fiend Pact): A part of your body - most commonly one arm - has been transformed into a demonic appendage, which you’re able to wield as a powerful weapon.

The Stylist (Monk/Barbarian’s Path of the Totem Warrior): You’ve dedicated yourself to a specific animal style, such as the Snake, Crane, Tiger, or Leopard. Your moves and powers grow as you attune yourself more closely with your chosen animal.

The Advocate (Paladin/Sorcerer’s Wild Magic origin): Divine justice yearns to be unleashed on the world, but you know it will spread like a flood, harming innocent and guilty alike with its awful power. You hold back the flood with the purity of your soul, seeking to temper celestial fury with human mercy, but you’re not always successful at averting the apocalypse.

The Predator (Ranger/Rogue’s Assassin): The ability of animals to hold perfectly still. The natural poisons of woodland creatures. The endurance of desert plants. You’ve studied the secrets of a particular type of land, and from it you’ve learned how to kill the way Nature does - viciously, perfectly, undetectably.

The Revanchist (Rogue/Paladin’s Oath of Vengeance): Someone has done some great wrong. If Heaven cannot punish them, you will, by any means necessary. You will strike from the shadows, cutting off all their avenues of escape and every asset they could call upon. When they’re cornered, only then will you reveal the light and fire of righteousness that drives you. And when they have fallen, you will take what they have stolen, and return it to its rightful owners.

The Embodiment (Sorcerer/Cleric’s Knowledge Domain): Knowledge is power. Sometimes it is so powerful that it seeps into the bones of those who seek it. You are a child of those who lived among grimoires and obscure tomes - or perhaps you simply woke up in a library one day, given form by the desire of magic to be used.

The Legacy (Warlock/Paladin’s Oath of the Ancients): You have made a pact with the ancient protectors of life itself - the druids and demigods of old, whose prophetic powers reach across the centuries to foretell and recruit new champions. ALthough their commands are often confusing and paradoxical, you’ve learned to trust in their wisdom.

The Crucible (Wizard/Barbarian’s Path of the Berserker): Somehow - whether by accident of birth or deliberate experimentation - you’ve become able to enter a fugue state where your spellcasting prowess is greatly enhanced, and you’re able to work feats of magic otherwise thought impossible. Once it passes, you find yourself exhausted and confused, but in that moment, nothing is beyond you.