Fictional Worlds

Settings without specific stories.


Stories and settings beyond the mundane.

Life After Death

I wrote several stories after thinking about religion, the afterlife, and similar topics.

  • Army of the Dead
    A military man writes to his brother about his peculiar new posting.
  • Duo
    A hunter's tale to a priest.
  • Eternal Slumber
    My attempt at a "classic horror fiction" piece.
  • Outlast
    Speculation on the afterlife.
  • The Party
    Time travel, regret, and growing old together.
  • Pray
    Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • Psychopomp
    What if God isn't all-knowing?
  • Uncertainty
    The price of quantum immortality is free will.

Real as Pixels

Fables and fairy tales inspired by the music of Jon Jenkins and others.

Empyrean City

Every so often I write some short transhumanist pieces.

Dance of Light

What does a lightsaber duel feel like?


A CthulhuTech campaign about an archaeological expedition.

Song of Eden

A science fiction setting.


A fantasy RPG setting focused on power, ideas, and emotion.