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Fusion AU - Sun May 15 2016

I've got three different documents that describe "fusion AUs": alternate universes built from combinations of existing franchises. I want to talk about how I went about creating them, why I do it, and how I'm starting another one.

Oddball Characters - Thu Apr 21 2016

I'm a fan of odd or unusual player characters. I like creating PCs that could plausibly plug into a typical gameworld in some atypical way, and especially when those PCs explore the edges of what a game system is meant to allow.

Here are two characters that I've thought about playing that show these traits.

Deconstructing Doc Smith, Part 2 - Fri Apr 15 2016

This is a continuation of part 1, Deconstructing Doc Smith.

In this part, I'll be talking about the underlying model of a typical Doc Smith universe, the unfortunate implications or outright problem areas, and how to grapple with them.

Batman v. Superman - Mon Mar 28 2016

I haven't seen "Batman v. Superman" and I probably won't see it in theaters. I've read plenty of reviews, and it sounds like it's not my thing. I think I can sum up the problem many fans have with it, and this echoes some reviews I've seen elsewhere: the movie doesn't seem to depict these iconic characters in the fashion I'm either accustomed to or comfortable with.

So if I was given responsibility to write a B-vs-S fight, what would it look like? To make this easier, we'll assume the events of "Man of Steel" stand.

Deconstructing Doc Smith - Wed Mar 23 2016

Film Crit Hulk writes about "breaking a story". Rather than constructing a story, the goal is to take a story you're familiar with, or want to tell, and separate it into its component pieces. So I'm going to attempt to do just that, and try to extract a formula for writing a space opera in the vein of E. E. "Doc" Smith.