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Star Wars Headcanon - Wed Aug 24 2016

I like putting thought into the reasons why a setting must work a certain way. It's good practice for a roleplaying game, where some player will ask "hey, can we do X?" and I need to have a better reason to say "no" than "it will wreck my plot".

So if you want to keep a Star Wars game running the way you think it ought, but don't just want to stomp on a player's ideas, try the following ideas.

Fate Actions as Moves - Sat Aug 06 2016

Let's take a Dungeon World playbook, and rewrite it to use Fate mechanics.

Designing Locations for the Compleat Villain - Tue Jul 19 2016

I've been learning how to write for years, and I'm still definitely not there. I have learned a few rules for writing, though. The first is that successful writing emerges from rules. Here are some of the rules I'm following for creating locations for the Compleat Villain project.

Playtesting Avert the Apocalypse - Mon Jun 27 2016

I was sick yesterday so couldn't run, but two Sundays before that, I got to playtest the first session using my Avert the Apocalypse hack, first described in Staying Busy.

The Compleat Villain - Fri Jun 10 2016

I'm finally getting off my ass and putting together "The Compleat Villain". This will be a compilation of characters, locations, and rules for superhero gaming, based on material I've put together over the years. Here's a few of the highlights.