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Beggars on Horseback - Tue Sep 20 2016

Wishes have power. Especially if you are playing Inept Sorcerers. This is an early version of an add-on rule for that game, allowing players to create wishes that must come true, regardless of cost.

Final Fusion - Sat Sep 10 2016

After working on the other Fusion AU documents, I started on a new one, focused on bio-punk, genetic engineering, and monsters of various sorts.

Star Wars Headcanon - Wed Aug 24 2016

I like putting thought into the reasons why a setting must work a certain way. It's good practice for a roleplaying game, where some player will ask "hey, can we do X?" and I need to have a better reason to say "no" than "it will wreck my plot".

So if you want to keep a Star Wars game running the way you think it ought, but don't just want to stomp on a player's ideas, try the following ideas.

Fate Actions as Moves - Sat Aug 06 2016

Let's take a Dungeon World playbook, and rewrite it to use Fate mechanics.

Designing Locations for the Compleat Villain - Tue Jul 19 2016

I've been learning how to write for years, and I'm still definitely not there. I have learned a few rules for writing, though. The first is that successful writing emerges from rules. Here are some of the rules I'm following for creating locations for the Compleat Villain project.