March 01, 2020 - 3 min read

I kickstarted Witch+Craft and it arrived recently. Overall it looks really good, and I’m interested to see how the rules work out. The impression I get is that it’s basically about finding reasons to go on adventures and be imaginative in your crafting efforts, so I’m going to lean into that aspect and work through a couple of example projects.

I’ll use my Half-Orc Barbarian, Rock, as a sample crafter. Rock wields a lightning-scarred greataxe crafted by his blacksmith mother (an orc) for his paladin father (a human), and it’s recently been enchanted into a +1 weapon. Let’s say that Rock has taken after his mother.

In Witch+Craft, trade classes go up in tiers as your combat class level goes up. Rock is level 5, so he’d be tier 2. That gives him 2d6 craft dice, 4 Stamina, and the following features (including tier 1): Language Proficiency, Media, Stamina, Technique, Tool Proficiency, Workshop, Finishing Touches, and another Technique.

Media are the materials you work with. As a blacksmith, Rock favors Metals as his primary medium. He’ll take Wood as a secondary medium, as he grew up as a woodcutter and logger.

For his language proficiency, he’ll take one of the Metal choices: Giant. His tool proficiency will be smith’s tools. He’ll gain access to a modest workshop with an anvil, forge, bellows, tongs, and so on - the “Weaponsmith” on p. 33 gives a great description.

Finally, he gets two Techniques at tier 1, and gains another at tier 2. Weaponsmith recommends “Durable Assembly” or “Me Time”. He’ll choose Inherited Tools (his mother makes him a gift of hers) and Me Time at tier 1. At tier 2 he’ll trade Me Time for The Good Stuff, and take a new technique, Workshop Familiar. Rock uses this last technique to summon a Pagefinder (p. 117), a moth that can act like a living book and assist him in projects.

Rock wants to craft a new handaxe for himself. This is a level 3-4 challenge, settling on 4 because he wants it to be distinctive. The DC for this project is (4 * 5) + 5, or 25. Rock might be assumed to have tackled a few more basic challenges before this, like hammering out kettles.

The base materials will include iron for the axe itself, along with wood for a handle and grip.

For preparation, Rock’s techniques allow him to acquire high-quality material from two sources (The Good Stuff). He has been close to faerie glens in his previous adventures, and approaches one nearby for help in picking out an appropriate tree for the wood. He’s also been to a ruined underground temple, and salvages high-grade metal from the scrap found there.

Rock has knowledge about axe construction gleaned from a mentor (his mother). With his familiar’s assistance, this brings his craft dice total to 2 (his crafting class) plus 1 (knowledge) plus 2 (materials) plus 1 (assistance), for a total of 6d6. Rock could use inspiration (or gain it via the usual means) for an additional d6 here, but does not do so at this time.

The DL is 4, and the Project is small, so 4 Stamina represents a day of work. Rock can thus finish the actual smithing in a day’s time.

Rock gets a modifier for the toolkit he uses (+0 for ordinary tools) and his proficiency bonus of +3. He rolls 6,6,3,1,2,5, for a total of 26 - one over what he needs, making this a success. The 1 he rolled gives his creation a flaw, but the pair of 6’s gives a boon. During fine-tuning, his Finishing Touches feature lets him reroll 1d6 - but he rolls another 1. So much for that!

The flaw and one of the boons cancels out, leaving him with a handaxe with one boon. What is it? We’ll roll on the table on p. 178 and get a 2, giving us “the object has a pleasing pattern”. Good enough!

If Rock wanted to repair his greataxe, or perhaps improve upon it, he would repeat this process, but with a DL of 5 or 6 for a magical weapon. He might want to wait until he goes up a crafting tier, changes his techniques a bit, or can make additional preparations such as sacrifice. Perhaps he won’t find the fabled Ragnarok his father sought - perhaps he’ll be the one to make it!