Unusual Masks playbook ideas

January 24, 2020 - 2 min read


A villain used sorcery or super-science to extract all the nicest, noblest parts of themselves so as to become a better villain. That emotional effluvium is you. So now you’re a Care Bear, until you either fade away - or are re-absorbed, possibly redeeming that villain.


What secret identities don’t revolve around “I can’t let my parents know”?

  • You want to impress a love interest who doesn’t like the superheroic identity
  • You work at a place where heroic activities are frowned on or monitored - imagine a junior AEGIS intern moonlighting as a hero
  • You had parents and you did lose them because you were found out, so now you’re ultra-paranoid
  • You’re worried about the social pressure of being out - your superpowers are ridiculous, or (for example) you can’t walk except while in your transformed state (which has its own downsides)
  • Your transformation involves a necessary shift of visible identity indicators - SheZow or Moldiver where a male hero presents as female


What’s a deductive-reasoning Legacy that isn’t Sherlock Holmes?

  • The time traveler/time viewer (with limits, goes well with a playbook change to Harbinger or Innocent depending)
  • The psychic from a line of psychics
  • The body-hopping ghost, or the medium who questions them
  • The guy with holographic technology that he also uses for reconstructing crime scenes


The sci-fi Nomad:

The fantasy Nomads:


A key thing is that the labels are very broad. The absent-minded professior’s Superior is not the haughty arrogant showman’s Superior, nor the observant detective’s Superior. Find a focus for the label.

A friend observed that mentors often seem to embody Superior. What about the other labels?






How do we make a Reformed in a lighter tone?

The sample PC I had for this was a girl using a cursed sword, who retained muscle memory and could still fight. The authorities needed her to pretend otherwise to her criminal contacts from Before. She didn’t have memory of her contacts, making this extra dicey.


How about Transformed characters who aren’t just hulking biological mutants?

  • The zombie
  • The cyborg or robot
  • The ghost