What do you do when necessity compels you to throw away your heart?

The demons of Talispire inhabit flame-red caverns. They are merciless creatures, to be sure. Soulless, too. They can be conjured by the appropriate rituals, and bargained with if not commanded. They will kill errant or arrogant summoners, as is well known. They desire human souls above all else. But why?

I will tell you their story.

This is another list of things I like about Talispire, the sample world for Grand Adventure. In the last post, I talked about playing with standard fantasy tropes. This time I want to talk more about social and identity issues that sit in the text, waiting to be explored - if you want.

I had this random idea for a short story, about a grizzled mercenary assigned to escort a young princess in a fantasy world.

I wrote up a sample world for Grand Adventure called Talispire. It’s supposed to be a Standard Fantasy Setting on the surface, but with more depth if you look closely. So what am I proud of about its design?