The Demons of Talispire

What do you do when necessity compels you to throw away your heart?

May 21 2017 - 3 min read

More Talispire

This is another list of things I like about Talispire, the sample world for [Grand Adventure]. In the [last post](/2016/10/15/talispire/), I talked about playing with standard fantasy tropes. This tim...

Nov 28 2016 - 4 min read

The Princess Escort

I had this random idea for a short story, about a grizzled mercenary assigned to escort a young princess in a fantasy world.

Nov 2 2016 - 1 min read


I wrote up a sample world for [Grand Adventure] called Talispire. It's supposed to be a [Standard Fantasy Setting] on the surface, but with more depth if you look closely. So what am I proud of about ...

Oct 15 2016 - 3 min read