Let’s take a Dungeon World playbook, and rewrite it to use Fate mechanics.

I was sick yesterday so couldn’t run, but two Sundays before that, I got to playtest the first session using my Avert the Apocalypse hack, first described in Staying Busy.

The last several weeks have been pretty busy. I’ve been slow to post, so here’s a recap of recent work.

I’m taking a break from Grand Adventure to work on some other game design, and try out Powered by the Apocalypse. I’m taking an idea from awhile back, called “Fairy Soul”, and giving it specific mechanics.

Writing the long-delayed, much-changed Vessels game has led me back, again and again, to the model used by Apocalypse World and Dungeon World: “moves”.

In short, a move is a piece of mechanics that embeds itself into the ongoing stream of fiction. “When X happens during the storytelling part, rule Y asserts itself.” Usually this is a simple roll-to-succeed situation, where success means you get to proceed as though X worked out, failure means X doesn’t, and somewhere in the middle is X working out but with contingent condition Z tacked on. “When I throw a grenade, I either blow up the other guy, blow myself up, or blow up the other guy but get shot by his buddies” is an example of this success-fail-complicate triad.