Day 30: Share something you learned about playing your character

I’ve usually got only a few paragraphs in response to these, but this one is long. Apologies in advance.

The character I’m playing right now in Masks is the teen superhero “Radiance”, aka Summer Skye Newman. For those not familiar with her backstory, buckle up, because it’s the result of 50 sessions of play and about as much side-story on our forums.

Day 11: Wildest Character Name

I don’t go in for “wild” or crazy character names. I prefer characters who are more grounded in the human experience, who aren’t just muppets I’m hauling around a fantasy landscape for my own perverse joy.

That said, I’ve put plenty of time into creating significant character names, so here’s a couple of those?

Some key technology concepts for Link.

This is a run-down of the current and potential robots Link allies with.

This is a run-down of the battlesuit and technology Link uses.

Here’s Link’s backstory for the Tuesday Masks game.

This is a character concept for an upcoming potential Masks game. The concept is “hot-blooded powersuit pilot with robot friends”.