Works in Progress

It's 2017. I made progress on some projects, failed to completely push through a few others, and made some important breakthroughs on even more. In no particular order, here's what's on my plate at th...

Jan 4 2017 - 2 min read

Fairy Soul Opposition

I'm taking a break from Grand Adventure to work on some other game design, and try out Powered by the Apocalypse. I'm taking an idea from awhile back, called "Fairy Soul", and giving it specific mecha...

Mar 4 2016 - 5 min read

What setting books would I love to put out?

I've occasionally thought about resurrecting [Villains Victorious!] or otherwise publishing it in a collected format. My reservations there are practical - to put out a high-quality PDF of the materia...

Aug 9 2015 - 3 min read