February 14, 2020 - 1 min read

What does the Reformed character I’m playing soon plan to do?

Right! Time for a checklist. In no particular order…

  • Avoid Lifehack, Sebastian, or anyone else connected with the old gang.
  • Finish this parfait. This is really good.
  • Don’t get taken in by the cops.
  • Talk to Tegan Queen. I need some kind of identity papers.
  • Talk to Finch. They’ll know what Lifehack is up to. Maybe. Or they’ll sell me out. We’ll find out!
  • Oh! I could go to school. I’m the right age. They’d never look for me there! After all, I’d never look for me there.
  • Yes. I just need some kind of false identity papers… to get me into high school… hmm. Will this really work?
  • Sure.

Andrew Morenski: I used to be just like you: a short, horny, hopeless dork.

Patrick Morenski: And now look at you.

Andrew Morenski: Well, I’m not short.

Yes! I can be a total loser!

Patrick Morenski: You left the outside world; you’ve got to orient your thinking. You’ve got think repression, think limits. Think humiliation and despair. You’re in high school for Christ sakes!


Andrew Morenski: Do you ever ask yourself “How did I get here?”

Patrick Morenski: Yeah, I used to, but now I just ask myself “How do I get out?”

This is going to work!

High school, here I come!