Recap: Camelot!

January 20, 2020 - 2 min read

Following the assault from last time, we wound up with two captives. One, “Ferngal”, wasn’t talkative, but the other, “Simon”, had less loyalty and explained they’d been hired by someone named “The Wizard”, through an intermediary named Tyra, to come pacify the keep.

Simon didn’t know what the ultimate objective was, though he did reveal the Wizard’s home base was on a floating island, moving from place to place, and made out of a sculpted metal. We also found out that the escaping soldier who’d portaled out was the only person who could activate the portal devices, so we couldn’t sneak into the fortress that way. We left the captives’ fates up to Sir Henry, lord of the keep, but decided we’d follow up on Tyra, to see if we could ransom our captives back to her.

We then decided to finish our journey to Camelot, and drop off our ambassador, the Lady Gwen. Once arriving, Sir Bedevere was summoned and gave a report to Sir Lancelot, praising his companions’ valor and performance in the process. We were commanded to continue investigating the Wizard. Dart also reported to the wise men of Camelot about the science dungeon, honoring her word that the creatures there would be seen to.

We had ways to leave messages to get in touch with Tyra, and did so. Waiting for word at an inn, Sir Bedevere awoke in the night to find spears pointed at his chest, and a knife at his ear. Although he kept his composure in the face of Tyra and her minions, who had come to answer his message, the snoring Squire (who eventually awoke) cut into the negotiations just a bit. Still, Tyra agreed to ransom Fern - the loyal lackey - and would only take the talkative Simon as a freebie. She also revealed (for a reduction of ransom) the detail that navigating around the Wizard’s fortress was difficult due to magnetic fields.

Meanwhile, Dart and Simon the psychic druid had both woke up, with the same idea - do something with Tyra’s own rocket. We snuck out, only to be accosted by a patrolling constable. Simon’s mental powers diverted him away, and Dart managed to rig an improvised tracking beacon in Tyra’s ship before her party returned.

With the tracker, we took off after them, and found the location of the Wizard’s fortress! It was well guarded, but Dart could fly her rocket in, under the sensors, and perhaps disable them long enough for the rest of us to enter…

That’s where we left off!