Martial Arts Styles

Martial Arts Styles

You can attach the following Mod to any weapon, and it does not consume a Mod slot.

Style. This weapon is actually mastery of a single martial arts style. This has the following effects:

In general:

Example styles

Starry Serpent Style. Light, Melee, Accurate, Venomous, Style. Modeled on the quick motions of the snake, and drawing power from a serpentine constellation in the night sky, Practitioners use footwork, deceptive hand strikes, and targeted hits against opponents' pressure points to disable and destroy.

Tiger's Paw Style. Heavy, Melee, Deadly, Execution, Style. A hard-hitting style developed by a cabal of bounty hunters, doctors, and revolutionaries. The style excels at defeating armored targets - such as those sent after anti-Imperial spies.

Soul Lightning Style. Light, Ranged, Magickal, Umbral, Style. A martial art designed to fight possessed targets, ghosts, and other spiritual opponents. It channels the wielder's aether through specific motions and stances and into one or more opponents like a mystic lightning bolt, and can chain from target to target if aimed properly.