Masks: Silverline

November 27, 2019 - 2 min read

I’ve been running a solo game of Masks - playing the GM role, and five (!) PC roles. We’ve gotten through three issues so far (the setup, and two regular “sessions”). While I will probably repost the sessions and notes here at some point, I want to talk about the creation process itself.

First, I iterated a bit on how to plan the sessions themselves. While I’m “playing to find out”, I still have my choice of how to represent the session as it’s going on. I’ve finally settled on writing a brief bulleted recap of important points, then writing prose around that skeleton after I’ve finished it. At one point I was writing prose first, and I’d also considered doing a comic book script instead. I also use Roll20 to manage character sheets and do dice rolls.

Second, I’ve been following some so-far-unwritten rules. I’ll take a shot at articulating them.

  1. Every die roll changes something - there is no “nothing happens” result
  2. With a few exceptions, every scene must include at least two PCs, or drive PCs to interact with each other eventually
  3. When what happens next isn’t obvious, look at conditions, playbook extras (e.g. Beacon drives), labels, and relationships in that order
  4. Never let the rope of interwoven plot threads get so tightly packed that it can’t be flexed in a new direction

Third, I want to talk about the role of feedback. A couple of people have given (positive) feedback on the scripts so far, and I even got one piece of fan-art. The role of other people in this creative process is not to tell you what to do (otherwise they’re just other players), but to confirm that what you’re doing holds up dramatically. Sometimes we can assume we communicated something out of our head, while really it’s still there, unwritten. When another person says “hey how did X happen?” we can suddenly realize the discrepancy, and fix our prose.

I’m working on issue 3 this week (after a couple weeks of hiatus), with at least one scene planned (but not yet written).

Silverline sessions and PC sheets are currently found here: