What does the process look like for creating the Silverline stories?

As of issue 3, I've been outlining the script first. The outline for issue 3 can be found here.

The end of the process looks like this:

Click on the link to read the story:

Issue 3 - AETHER and ARES
Pelagos “YOU DARE RETURN TO MY CITY? YOU RISK THE DISPLEASURE OF NADJA, EMPRESS OF AETHER!” Some villains have gotta be extra. I’ve heard a few stories about Nadja. I didn’t really pay attention, though. Why bother? I’d never see her, right? So now I’m getting the full experience, and I’m paying a…

The final product has the following:

  • Prose, written in sections that follow a single hero's POV
  • Blockquoted sections explaining game rules, listing the outcome of moves, and so on
  • Occasional images to give a sense of context

I don't have a rule for how much stuff should be in a given issue, only that each issue should feel like it's got enough action and drama to be worth reading.