Masks: more PA students

January 31, 2020 - 1 min read

Bull: “Wolf 359”, inspired by Kamen Rider and Birdy the Mighty. An ordinary high school student who was caught up in an alien event on Earth, and forcibly fused with an extraterrestrial. Now they fight together as one being, transforming, learning from each other, and struggling to make sense of the universe together.

Delinquent: “Nightblade”, aka Lincoln Abe, a Japanese-American with light manipulation powers. He divides his time between exposing the powerful and arrogant, and reveling in his own powers.

Star: “Flex”, a fast-talking and loud-mouthed “citizen journalist” (read: rabble-rouser) with stretching powers. They can squeeze in anywhere to get the story, and if it’s a slow news day at school, they might end up making some news themselves.