Masks-616 characters

March 08, 2020 - 2 min read

I’ve done a lot of RPG work, taking the place of blog posts, over the last few days. It’s time to talk about a new set of PC candidates!

For Monday, I’ve excluded playbooks I’ve played before (the Bull, the Janus, the Nova), playbooks that are active in Silverline, and playbooks that any other player has laid claim to. That leaves me with the Brain, the Innocent, the Joined, the Newborn, the Nomad, the Scion, the Soldier, and the Star. I’m further going to eliminate the Joined because I want a PC concept that’s standalone.

The Brain

I created Detox for the Masks PA game, and I could resurrect that idea here, but what are some other options?

  • The Sorcerer Brain: a magic-using apprentice. Margie’s already got a Protege like this as one possibility, though. Uses “Above the fray”, “always prepared”, and “tactical genius”.
  • The Hacker Brain: Agent 1337 from the Menagerie game, but as a support agent working with the team instead of monitoring them.

The Innocent

Retrorocket is a character I’d love to play - a child soldier frozen during WW2, now fighting against a thawed-out brother from the unit who’s had a few years on him. A combination of Captain America, the Rocketeer, and Xenosaga’s Junior.

Aside from that, I created a vampire hunter whose future self had been turned into a vampire, Andrew Belmont. I don’t know that this would be a good fit for the world, but I’ll keep thinking about it.

The Newborn

I’m really interested in the “Regeneration” move. I feel like taking that, plus “A mind of their own”, would produce a character whose capabilities were ever-shifting, and could probably be a very tenacious opponent.

The Junkyard Heroes game had “protoform invasion units”, which sculpted themselves into whatever their targets most feared. This character could be a Concordance construct, similar to the Scaracite from the Coffee With Colin story. And thus is born POD - both “a pod” as a device, and as in “partner”.

The Nomad

I’d love to do a Rydia-style fantasy/magical Nomad, someone who got sucked into Goblintown or some magical parallel reality and came back with a bunch of tricks and an attitude problem. They would need a compelling reason to stick with the team, but I think we can find one. They’d use “rift generator” and “forcefield projectors”, and for moves probably “I hate calling the cavalry” (espers!) and “out of this world”.

The Scion

The child of the Dread Queen of Vyortovia would be interesting. Someone who opposes their parent’s invasion plans, and will work with this team to defeat them. Thus is born Resister, who uses martial prowess and electrokinesis.

The Soldier

Another opportunity for Agent 1337, this time acting as a smarter-than-usual field operative. Move options are “more than a shield” and “no, you move”.

The Star

Flex, a stretchy vlogger and political activist. An early Masks PA idea, but one that would have a lot more to do in this setting.