Grand Adventure and Talispire

December 04, 2019 - 1 min read

After writing Inept Sorcerers, I started developing a second version, which expanded into a project called Grand Adventure. I even wrote up a setting for it, a world called Talispire. I couldn’t crack it at the time, though.

I put work into a later iteration of rules called Flip-a-Card. Right now, that system is really lacking playtesting, and it might be time to push these two systems together and see if I can resurrect Talispire as both a setting and system.

I would probably start with Flip-a-Card and take away dice rolling. Characters can generate hits by flipping action cards over, and reset them by invoking one of the complication writing prompts on the back. I’d import gear, conditions, and other stuff from Fairy Soul, then see where that left me.

Alternatively, I could do Talispire as another Genesys world. This would be mechanically easier.