Genesys Dice in Fate

February 27, 2020 - 2 min read

Gamers I know dislike Fate because of how you can “buy success” in the system, via aspect invocations and the like. With FFG’s RPG division going down, and the future of Genesys in doubt, here’s an option for using its dice system with Fate. Note that none of this is mathematically vetted! It might totally screw up the probabilities you’d expect. This is fine, it’s a blog post at 2am.

You start with a pool of difficulty dice. Upgrade one difficulty die to a challenge die if an aspect could be invoked against you. Similarly, you start with a number of ability dice, and upgrade to proficiency based on aspects you could invoke.

Instead of spending Fate points on aspect invocations, you start with a pool of bonus dice. The GM similarly starts with setback dice. You can throw these dice into the roll at your discretion, and the GM can do likewise. Compels or refreshes give you dice back as normal.

Count the number of net successes or failures as a positive or negative value on the ladder. Spend two advantage to buy an outcome from the success with style list, or some similar benefit.

Stunts that give you a +2 also upgrade ability to proficiency dice.

Example: Voltaire, the example character from Fate Accelerated, wants to do a Flashy maneuver during a sword duel. Her opponent is skilled (+3) so she rolls 3 difficulty dice. Her Flashy is Good (+3) and she has “Swashbuckling Swordswoman”, so she rolls 2 ability and 1 proficiency dice. She spends 1 bonus die as well.

The outcome is 2 successes, 4 advantage, 1 failure, and 3 threat. The net is 1 success, 1 advantage - enough to score a +1 hit, but quite enough to succeed with style.

Another such roll, without the bonus die, yields 1 success and 3 advantage, enough to let her succeed with style at +1.

Against an opponent of equal skill, and with a slight edge due to her stunt, this feels uncertain, but not unfair - she’ll usually succeed, but probably not all the time, and probably not by a lot either. Invoking a lot of scene aspects to upgrade her dice will be a necessity!