I don't want to pre-write a bunch of relationships for the PCs. But I do want interesting personalities for them to interact with. How do I do this?

Monsterhearts has a "classroom" generator. This process is mostly driven by "ask provocative questions", which works best in a group setting. Going solo, I'm using the dice to answer these questions:

  • What is our relationship? (roll 2d6). They are... a crush (2-5), a friend (6-8), or a rival (9-12). Decide which direction this relationship works (PC feels this way about NPC, vice versa, feeling is mutual). When in doubt, roll again.
  • The NPC is... (roll 2d6) worse than me (2-5), as good as me (6-8), or better than me (9-12)
  • At... (roll 2d6) scholastics (2-5), sports or extracurriculars (6-8), socializing (9-12)

Add 1 to the rolls if you're a prep or "popular" kid, or subtract 1 if you're a nerd, introvert, or unpopular kid.

For each NPC, determine two other things:

  • Is this NPC shared between two or more PCs in some capacity? Where possible and interesting, combine characters.
  • What is a provocative question I can ask about this NPC, something that either jumpstarts a plot, or puts the PC's relationship with them in the spotlight?