Here’s the games I’m currently actively playing, or have played.

Current games

  • Sunday D&D: playing D&D 5e. Starting on November 18th, specific details TBD.
  • Sunday Champions: playing the Champions Now playtest for a few sessions.
  • Monday Masks: playing Masks. The site homepage is, with links to the forums, sessions, and videos on YouTube. This game will be ending soon. Tag: masks.
  • Wednesday D&D: playing D&D 5e. PCs are exploring a mutating, magic-saturated wilderness. Tag: wednesday dnd.
  • Thursday Thosh: running GURPS 4e. PCs are descending into an enemy-occupied Dwarven city underground.

Previous games

  • Dungeon World: played several Dungeon World games with different groups.
  • Fairy Soul: facilitated a playtest. A flip-a-card game that didn’t run long enough to really gather data, but neat anyay. Tag: fairy soul.
  • Flip-a-card: facilitated a playtest. Ran one session of a generic fantasy combat against kobolds, and I think it worked well enough. Tag: flip-a-card.
  • Grand Adventure: facilitated a playtest. An iteration of some of the concepts from Inept Sorcerers, set in a world based on bright colorful JRPGs like Grandia. Tag: grand adventure.
  • Inept Sorcerers: facilitated, ran, played. A dinky comedy game about Schmendrick-style spellcasters exploding. Tag: inept sorcerers.
  • Lady Blackbird: played a few sessions of Lady Blackbird. We didn’t much further than escaping captivity, but interesting anyway.
  • Star Wars: Rebel Ops: played a custom PTBA hack of Star Wars World. I played a clone trooper named Backup, assisting some rebels.
  • The Wake: playing FAE. PCs traveling in a fantasy world where dreams had become reality. Tag: the wake.