Fun with Jun

February 26, 2020 - 2 min read

When you live in the Crates, life can be hard. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of fun things to do!

There is a gang of kids about 9-12. When I say “gang”, I mean “gang”, like “street gang with knives and stuff”, only they don’t carry real weapons. They call themselves the Stabbers. They’re play-acting at it. We all kind of play along too. The leader of the Stabbers is a girl named Jacey. She asks me for cool supervillain stuff, like monologue, and I tell her what I know. In return she sometimes brings me some of the candy the gang collects as toll for passing through their turf.

Netflix is really big around here. A few people have accounts and they share those, or just let people come over and hang out on the couch, like a movie theater attached to your home. People will drop in during a series, and a friend will catch them up on what’s going on, then tag out to go do something. The guy whose place I usually visit is called Ed.

We like shows with low-class working heroes, we laugh at corrupt-cop dramas, and we watch those big expensive special-effects shows. There’s a lot of fun Asian and Indian shows too. The stand-up comedy is great. We’ll tell each other the jokes we hear.

I spend some of my time in my other identity: “the Iron Goblin”. That’s the name they give to whoever or whatever - spoiler alert, it’s me! - sneaks around at night, fixing pots and pans, sharpening knives, and doing other metal stuff for people. You know those stories about ”the Elves and the Shoemaker”? It’s exactly like that, but I’m not an elf, and it’s not shoes. Make sense?

Aside from that, I like doing decorative metal-sculpting. Nice fences, iron flowers, statues, anything that looks nice and adds a touch of class to the neighborhood. It’s a way to keep in practice with my powers. It’s something new for me, doing things that’s not useful for fighting or crime, but people like the stuff I’ve created. I can’t tell anyone about it, of course.

All of this feels like it’s just passing time, like I’m waiting for something new to change in my life. I know there’s a new way to live, I just know nothing about it. So I’m doing whatever I can think of, and seeing how it feels. What am I going to do after I leave school? Once I thought I wouldn’t live that long. Now, I don’t know. So, everything is exciting.