Flip-a-Card: Validation

December 30, 2019 - 1 min read

To validate that I’m on the right track with character cards, I put together a spreadsheet where the Role & Focus cards are matched up. The results are a mixed bag, but that’s kind of what I expected.

You can see the original spreadsheet here (link allows comments).

Conclusions so far:

  • Explorer might get the ax, and get rolled into Opportunist
  • Fighter, Performer, Opportunist, and Guardian all have something going on with almost all the Focus cards
  • Sorcery and Conjury can pretty easily be folded together into Magic
  • I replaced Intellect with Secrets and that’s been fruitful
  • Tech might make a come-back to fill the gap left behind by Sorcery+Conjury
  • Influencer is a new thing but I’m not sure it’s that different from Performer - if it doesn’t work out, I’ll need an eighth role
  • Student is a new thing but might not make the cut, if it’s just junior versions of everything else