Flip-a-Card: Upbringing

February 17, 2020 - 1 min read

I was unhappy with the origin card (Northerner, etc.) and felt they leaned a little too much on stereotypes to build a world. It also didn’t give me the range I felt characters needed. So here’s my replacement pitch:

Characters have an Upbringing, which tells us about their history, shared values, and so on. It doesn’t tell us who you are (your Role) or how you get stuff done (your Focus), only where you came from and how that affects you today.

I identified eight upbringings for a fantasy game. I’m still working on names.

  • Noble/Aristocrat: you were born into privilege and duty
  • City Folk: you grew up surrounded by commerce, creativity, and a thriving sea of people
  • Country Folk: you lived close to the daily realities of survival and extended family
  • Frontier Folk: the beauty of your home makes the need for self-reliance and caution worthwhile
  • Traveling Folk: you learned to bargain with or entertain the people you met on the road
  • Insular Folk: a holy commune or lonely village is all you knew
  • Underclass: disease, poverty, or stigma ostracized your people from the rest of society
  • Scraplander: you grew up in a dangerous wilderness, exposed to magic or strange technology since you were young

Of these, “Scraplander” stands out to me as the most specific. I don’t necessarily want to either ditch it for something more generic, or bring the others into sharper focus by giving them similar specifics, so I have to think about how to go forward.