Flip-a-Card: Upbringing Examples

June 22, 2020 - 1 min read

Here’s a few examples of how the new Upbringing cards can create different characters.

Elis grew up in a family of nomadic traders, seeing the world from the back of a caravan. He could have a Cosmopolitan or Mercantile upbringing.

Rosaline’s parents were fine artisans whose work was sought from all over the world. Their house was a place of freedom and self-expression, where one’s spirit ought to soar. She could have a Cosmopolitan or Unfettered upbringing.

Beroldus lived in a tiny mountain village, and spent his days tending the crops and raising the animals. He could have an Industrious or Insular upbringing.

Tillote was left at the door of a monastery, and raised by the ascetic monks who dwelled there. She learned much of their ways, and little of the world. She could have an Insular or Strict upbringing.

Josef was a conscripted soldier who fled after his unit was routed. He remembers his discipline, but no longer has a purpose to which it can apply. He could have the Industrious or Solitary upbringing.

Auberee grew up as the daughter of an ambitious lady. She saw her mother climb the ladder of power through deal after deal, and was taught to be a tool in her mother’s ambition. She could have the Mercantile or Strict upbringing.

Louis is a “Green”, in a city of “Blue” and “Green” species. The dominant Blues distrust and oppress the Greens, and Louis has become a flamboyant rebel, leaving graffiti or boldly defying convention as a result. He could have the Underclass or Unfettered upbringing.

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