Flip-a-Card: Solo Playtest part 1

January 18, 2020 - 2 min read

I’ll be using WheelOfNames.com to pick cards at random from my various lists.

Character Creation

Let’s pick three cards at random from the origin, role, and focus decks. This gives me an Easterner Wits-based Synthesist. Looking at ”Playing the Synthesist”, I find that “Synthesists with Wits are chessmasters who assemble gambits out of the people and resources around them”. So we’ll say my character is a low-level but ambitious sort, on his way to solve a delicate problem for his ruling lord or lady. We’ll call him Lee.

Lee starts play with these three cards facing topside.

First Encounter

We only have three encounter cards right now, so we’ll pick one at random, then one modifier for it. We get a Hybrid Ogre. Okay, hybrid of what? We’ll say that Lee encounters the beast in the forest, and that it’s partially made out of wood - perhaps partially possessed by magical trees here.

Lee wants to sneak past the Ogre. This sounds like a challenge, and Lee will meet it by flipping Wits over: he’ll stay downwind of the creature, careful not to tread on any twigs or branches, and move with the sounds of the forest. But we also rule that the Hybrid card presents its own challenge: perhaps the Ogre is tied to the forest somehow, and can sense his passage. Lee doesn’t have any cards that could logically be flipped to work around this, so he takes a condition: Weakened. Lee is forced to make a wide detour, and by the time he escapes the Ogre’s notice, he’s overdue for a rest.

Second Encounter

Instead of picking from the encounter cards, we’ll pick some scene cards and see what develops there. We get a Guarded Inn/Tavern. Lee comes on a little trader’s camp and watering hole on the forest’s edge, but sentries are posted, and they call out for the traveler to halt and announce his business. Lee has no furs or timber to trade here, only coin, so he’s an outsider, but as a Synthesist one of his prompts is “understand unspoken things”: he wants to determine the reason for the guards’ wariness, and flips that card over.

It seems easy enough to say that the guards are on alert for the Ogre. When Lee gives a description of the creature, and how he evaded it, they seem satisfied and let him in. Lee spends the scene attending to his Weakened condition, and gathering information about the area, then sets out.

Third Encounter

Lee’s travel takes him to a Mystical Harbor/Port. The loggers ship their goods to market on a nearby river, but the water flows through an elf kingdom, and the tall and ethereal beings watch Lee with strange eyes as he presents himself to board a barge…