Flip-a-Card: Delegating Storyteller Authority

May 12, 2020 - 1 min read

I don’t think this particular nut is cracked yet. But here’s some ideas.

The problem I’m trying to solve is:

  • I want flip-a-card to permit distributed GM authority
  • Part of that authority involves running ensemble characters (ECs), basically NPCs
  • Having NPCs talk or act eats up a good chunk of the game session
  • That time also eats into the controlling player’s time as a PC

The usual solution for this is a GM that doesn’t have a PC. But what if..?

Pole stars

Right now, the game has a notion of “pole stars”. You have an issue, like “dragons”, and players take positions on it for their PCs. In this model, decide where the NPCs align on that same issue. Whichever player’s PC aligns the same way gets to speak for those ECs.

Emotional context

Players announce an ideological or emotional position on whatever issue the ECs confront them with. Whoever aligns with the EC position speaks for them.

If nobody has alignment, but some PC doesn’t feel strongly about the issues at hand, that PC’s player takes over.

Round Robin

Each new encounter cycles through a new player, whose PC recedes into the background for the duration. The player whose turn it is gets to create and run the encounter.

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