Don't Give a Shit

February 25, 2020 - 1 min read

Here’s some general GM advice.

Be selective about giving a shit.

This is kind of a mature-adult important-life-lessons tip actually.

You are ultimately in control of what you give a shit about. Sometimes the give-a-shit toggle switch is deeply buried by emotion, trauma, expectation, or whatever. Sometimes it’s right there on the surface. Bullshit tends to float the toggles up to the surface where you can reach them.

In D&D, giving a shit is why DMs would fudge dice. “I don’t want to kill the halfling orphan…”

In many games, though, failed rolls don’t automatically mean death or disappointment. So stop giving a shit when the players roll a string of 2’s.

Things aren’t going the way you hoped the session would go? Depends.

Are the players not following your plot? Don’t give a shit.

Are they not having fun? Definitely give a shit.

Give a shit about the things that make the game fun for people. Don’t give a shit about the rest.