Unlike other broad Fusion AUs, this is a small one with a simple premise: what if all the genre films Chris Evans had appeared in existed in the same continuity?

A “fusion AU” - a combination of many fictional franchises into a single chronology - based on the theme of biology. Viral infections, nonhuman creatures or half-human hybrids, giant monsters, and more.

This is a fictional timeline of a world where artificial intelligence and robotics took center stage.

This is a “fusion AU”, or an alternate universe created by combining and reconciling many movies, television shows, video games, and other sources. The topic is “alien invasion”: extraterrestrial creatures coming to Earth, singly or in force, for the purpose of conquering or co-opting humanity.

An uncountably long time ago, the founding races of the Republic had independently discovered “Element Zero”, or “eezo”. Eezo is a unique form of matter capable of creating what was once called the “mass effect”, which facilitated interstellar travel, antigravity, and other wonders. Living beings whose nervous systems had traces of eezo developed unusual capabilities. Those beings who traveled into space met other lifeforms, some similar, some not. Together they created an interstellar government called the Republic. And for a thousand generations, it stood as the torch of civilization across the entire galaxy.