Unlike other broad Fusion AUs, this is a small one with a simple premise: what if all the genre films Chris Evans had appeared in existed in the same continuity?

A “fusion AU” - a combination of many fictional franchises into a single chronology - based on the theme of biology. Viral infections, nonhuman creatures or half-human hybrids, giant monsters, and more.

It was the summer I turned 17 when Shannon got taken by the UFO.

Forgive me, Father. This is my first confession with you. It will not be my last.

You’re not legally allowed to ask about some things at an interview like this. But I want to tell you anyway, because you’re going to hear the truth sooner or later. I want you to hear it first from my mouth. Make up your own mind, of course. It’s kind of a long story. Is that okay? Okay?

This is a fictional timeline of a world where artificial intelligence and robotics took center stage.

This is a “fusion AU”, or an alternate universe created by combining and reconciling many movies, television shows, video games, and other sources. The topic is “alien invasion”: extraterrestrial creatures coming to Earth, singly or in force, for the purpose of conquering or co-opting humanity.

Every year, I travel back in time to that day. My younger self, and my husband, are waiting for me. I get the tears out of the way first. I brush my hair, put on make-up, dress up, try to be presentable. Every year I’m a little older, so every year I try to look a little nicer.

I joined the Jedi Order at a young age. I received training in the Force at the Jedi temple on Coruscant. I constructed my first lightsaber using kyber crystals I found myself on Ilum. And I learned why the Jedi are instructed not to form attachments.

“The graves of the world are packed with the silently screaming dead.”