Roll 1d10 twice. You now have a (Modifier) (Item). Interpret results creatively. For low magic, roll 1d6. For moderate magic, roll 1d8. For high magic, 1d10.


  1. Mysterious
  2. Ancient
  3. Oversized
  4. Legendary
  5. Magical (Glowing, Runic, etc.)
  6. Elemental (Fiery, Icy, Windy, etc.)
  7. Organic (e.g. made of wood when steel would be appropriate)
  8. Magitech (e.g. a mixture of high-tech and magic)
  9. Animated
  10. Talking


  1. Common accessory (quill pen, etc.)
  2. Sack or Backpack
  3. Clothing (Hat, Cloak, Shirt, Shoes, etc.)
  4. Travel accessory (Lamp, Compass, etc.)
  5. Wearable (Medallion, Bracelet, etc.)
  6. Book, Scroll, etc.
  7. Valuable (Gemstone, Coin, etc.)
  8. Armor or Shield
  9. Weapon (Sword, Bow, Spear, etc.)
  10. Magical Implement (Wand, Staff, Orb, etc.)