The Accidental Jedi

I had a weird idea for some character somewhere: the Accidental Jedi.

Imagine a boisterous, buffoonish braggart like Kikuchiyo from “Seven Samurai”, as played by Toshiro Mifune. He tells people he’s really got Force powers, he’s a great space-knight, he fights for justice, etc. But watching him for five minutes reveals the truth: he’s clumsy, impulsive, overbearing, a clown rather than a paladin.

And yet… when the party is looking for something in a room, the object tips over and makes a noise, alerting people to its presence. When he picks a path at random, it’s the right one. And when it’s time to fight, for all his flailing and foolery, he doesn’t get hit, and he does manage a crucial strike at the right moment. And he really does mean well, and his heart is true. And that’s why the Force is indeed with him - but it’s more like a mother than a servant, gently taking care of him.